"What would you tell a younger girl today?" // {a.d.a}

When I was 9,
I was told
that I ran like a girl.
“What is wrong with that?”
I asked myself, bemused.
I am a girl.
I learned
that being a girl was
something to be ashamed of.
Being a “girl” meant
admitting defeat,
admitting weakness,
admitting fault.

So I hid myself.
I decided that I needed
to be beautiful
because that’s what all
girls are supposed to be
good at


Beautiful is
when a “girl”
solves a hard calculus problem.
Beautiful is
when a “girl”
scores the winning goal.
Beautiful is
when a “girl”
has the highest grade
in the class.
Beautiful is
when a “girl”
is proud of what
she has accomplished.

Being a “girl” doesn’t mean
being inferior.
Being a girl is like being a rose,
beautiful but with thorns.

Show them all
what you’re capable of.